LH Tools gives the option to add the URL of an existing source of RDF automatically. It will load a selected rdf document into the store and will also follow seeAlso’s (within the same domain) to find additional content.

To do this go to your LH-Tools settings page, under: Settings->LH-Tools
and add the root rdf feed for your site under Load Options. If you are using lh-rdf as your data source generator feed will be something like https://yoursite.com/feed/lhrdf/ (for example: https://localhero.biz/feed/lhrdf/).

LH-Tools will then automatically follow seeAlso subjects (within the same domain and slowly spider your entire site). LH-Tools only spiders one document at a trime and runs on WordPress’s hourly cron so spiderring you entire site might take a long time. I am working on a more efficient processs…

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