The basic business model planned for LocalHero is similar to (the grandaddy of WordPress hosting and the flagship product from Automatic), Happytables or Edublogs. All these offering are profitable to their owners. And offer a simple off the shelf website for users (in their niche) and premium extensions to power or enterprise users.

Our niche at LocalHero is membership organisations. The needs of membership organisations are quite different to blogs, restaurants, or education websites and a WordPress based software as a service product is not being offered by any other provider.

Whilst our basic package will always be free there are ways we intend to generate revenue.

  1. Web Hosting – Big organisations will require enterprise grade web hosting as a paid add on.
  2. Advertising – Free websites on our network will carry advertising
  3. Premium themes and web design – There will be a several basic themes available, but additional themes or custom web design will be be available for purchase.
  4. Premium Features – If additional storage space or custom web domains are required then premium features will be available for a yearly fee.
  5. WordPress Support – If you need help but the free support forums aren’t solving the purpose, then paid support may be available for purchase
  6. Guided Transfers – If you wish to move your website away from our hosting we will off a Guided Transfer to assist (if the basic export facilities are not adequate)