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  1. Am I able to attach users to an existing custom post type taxonomy?
    I want it to behave so when I add a new category to the custom post type, users are able to associate the updated category to their profiles via checkboxes.

    • Robert Andrews

      May 3, 2016 at 5:43 pm

      I think that’s pretty much what I’m advocating, too.
      +2 for making post or custom post type taxonomies be the same as user taxonomies.

  2. Can I have a user taxonomy that uses the same taxonomy for post categories? (ie. where users are experts in the categories they write about).

  3. How can I get the number of users that have a certain term ? Is it possible ?

    Thanks for the plugin, it’s working perfect.

  4. Any chance on linking up the Users count on the taxonomy page?

  5. Howdy,

    See the patch I’ve published for this plugin here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/shortcodes-patch?replies=1#post-8570588

    Hope you can incorporate into a new version so I can stay integrated with other feature developments and bug fixes without having to apply this patch manually with every upgrade on my installs.


  6. Hey. Love the Plugin, very useful. In using it, I realized the capabilities were not being respected (for example, to just show the taxonomy to the admin.)

    I noticed line 197 of lh-user-taxonomies.php was commented out:
    if(!current_user_can($taxonomy->cap->assign_terms)) continue;

    When I undo the comment, it works as expected (for me anyway, using PHP 5.6.10 with WordPress 4.6.1). Just wanted to give you the heads up. Thanks for the plugin!

  7. You claim “Upload a home screen icon into the WordPress media library, this plugin will resize the image appropriately (for different device viewports).” but in the option screen there is a field only for startup image, not for icon.

  8. how can display only posts archived using this plugin in my ‘date.php’ ?

  9. how can i display only posts archived using this plugin in my ‘date.php’ ?

  10. Hi! This was very helpful for a project I\’m working on. Much appreciated.

    I did find a small issue. The single value property check in the plugin only checked for isset and not true/false. As a result one could not select multiple taxonomies for a single user without removing the property from the registration all together. I altered the plugin code as follows and it works like a champ.

    Again…thank you!! Save me a bunch of time.

    $input_type = ( isset($taxonomy->single_value) && $taxonomy->single_value == true ) ? \’radio\’ : \’checkbox\’ ;

  11. Hello, I am testing your LH web application. It seems to work very well in android. I was wondering if it is possible to add support for ios?

  12. I dugg some of you post as I cogitated they were very useful extremely helpful dedbdaddcdgecdce

  13. Hello , i am having a hard time with LH User Taxonomies .
    I use the single_value => false (checkbox)
    when i empty all the checkboxes and update the user the last checked checkboxes are rechecked on the reload .

  14. Hello. I am attempting to set the placeholder text via the shortcode attributes, but it is being ignored. Please take a look at the efforts below and let me know if anything is wrong.

    Since I need to store and display “affiliation” in addition to name, I am trying to use the placeholder text to convey that the full name should go in the first name field, and the affiliation should go in the last name field.

    First I tried this (but with straight single quotes, not curly – your site would not let me post a comment earlier so I tried switching to curly quotes to see if it helped):

    [lh_signing_form ‘first_name_placeholder’ => ‘Your Name’, ‘last_name_placeholder’ => ‘Your Affiliation’, ‘email_placeholder’ => ‘Your Email’]

    Then I tried this:

    [lh_signing_form ‘first_name’ => 1 , ‘first_name_placeholder’ => ‘Your Name’, ‘last_name’ => 1, ‘last_name_placeholder’ => ‘Your Affiliation’, ‘email_placeholder’ => ‘Your Email’]

    The shortcode settings were ignored – the page displayed with the default values of placeholder texts.

  15. Hi! I just installed your plugin, but the checkbox is not clickable. Thank you in advance for the upgrade!

    • If you want me to look at your issue please let me know the site the issue is occurring on?

      The problem is almost certainly your theme not the plugin (which does not add any styling etc and works on 100s of sites). But I will check for you and can only do so by seeing the live ste

  16. How much do you need in donations to update the plugin for compatibility with Gutenberg?

  17. Hello, Dear Peter! Thanks you very mutch. This plugin is very vell, but his not show “registration validity message” –
    Instead, it shows the standard message.

    Link below scrin shot:

    I am using wp 5.0.3 – 5.0.3–ru_RU . Wath happen?

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